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Lightweighter offer you training tips that you can use in your daily workout. On our webpages you can read about different exercises you can do, to exercise different muscle groups. Let yourself be inspired by exercises that you can perform either at home or at the gym.


There are many different exercises for the same muscle or muscle group. Various exercises activates the muscle in different ways. By finding and performing the exercises that suits you and your body, you can get more joy and thus better results from your training.

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Remember to never perfome the same exercise two days in a row, but do try to divide the body into different sections that you make sure you work out at least once, during a week's training. For example, if you strive to do weight liftning twice a week, this is a good way to split the training on:

Day 1: Back and hamstrings
Day 2: Chest and biceps
Day 3: Quads and calves
Day 4: Triceps and shoulders

To this you can add cardio two to three days a week, but not during a workout session - choose a different time of the day to perform your cardio. Also remember to have rest days, when you really do not do any exercise at all, which is needed for optimal training results.


To lose fat and increase muscle mass, that is many people's goal with their training. To burn fat you need to activate your muscles, adding enough activity and protein so they can grow, and at the same time reduce the caloric intake so you do not simultaneously increase the fat deposits on your body.


Some people fear aerobic exercises, due to the myth that cardio exercise will delay or even inhibit the muscle growth. But, the myth is not a fact, but of course, there is some truth in it. The secret is not to mix hard cardio with muscle build up exercises, at the same time.

Do the cardio in the morning and the weight lifting in the evening. Remember to keep a good pace at the gym, to maximize the training. Do not slow down between the sets, try to keep your heart rate at a working level.


Bodyweight training is a concept that is based on using your own body weight as resistance in your workout. Working with your own body weight as resistance has many advantages in many ways. It´s easy and it dosen´t requires a whole gym to perform the excerise.